Angelica Heavenly Voices @ All Saints Chapel

We had a fantastic afternoon recording and filming the Angelica Heavenly Voices at the All Saints Chapel in Eastbourne. The 60 piece choir recorded the song in celebration of 15 years running.

The Roadee crew got to do what they do best and set up a remote recording using the fantastic acoustics of the church.

When we got there the door was still locked so it was time to set up some mics and get them read for the session.

Then it was the waiting game….

But before long all was open and it was full steam ahead. The session was recorded from outside in The Roadee and filmed with 7 separate cameras, you know, cos one just ain’t enough

The session was a success and the video will be great, it was choreographed specially by Sophie Shearerwho travelled down from London to keep Tom on his toes and direct the video.

The remote division held up her end of the bargain and sat inside the church purring away in the corner collecting mic lines and feeding them outside to The Roadee…

The choir will now be mixed and mastered and the video created so keep your eyes peeled for the final production.

Don’t mess with Rob, he’s the Remote Choir Recording King.