The Roadee

The Roadee is a live events and content generation platform that helps artists and brands reach new audiences.

We have designed and built a state of the art studio on wheels that is dedicated to creating and capturing the moment.

We are a friendly team of industry professionals who live and breathe the arts, and are dedicated to helping artists thrive on the international stage.

The truck is laid out into two separate areas - a control room and a recording booth, both soundproofed and acoustically treated so we can get that tight studio sound everyone craves.

But it doesn't stop there, the truck has been designed to pull up outside of any venue, and with the cables run in, be able to record whatever and wherever you decide. We can (and have) recorded in churches for the fantastic acoustics they provide, in a field in the countryside, on clients driveways for extra convenience and of course outside venues of all sizes, with no trouble at all.

If you want to track an album, and need more space than is provided in The Roadee's recording booth, but still want that tight studio sound... well we've got that covered too.

We have a large (again, sound proofed and acoustically treated) trailer that links to the truck for recording drums or brass or whatever larger instrumental sections you have or backing vocals or troupe of any kind.

If you happen to be in a spot (like in a venue three or four stories up) that might not be suitable for The Roadee to pull up outside of, that's no problem at all.

The team have a fully mobile rig that can be taken into the venue and record from any spot in the building.

We have various venues around London and Brighton that we regularly do this for and the result is still superb.

Artists we've worked with recently

Jools Holland

The Zombies

Fleur East

Rebecca Ferguson

Jack Lukeman

But these are just a few recent ones, our engineers have recorded thousands of artists over the years working with names such as

Roger Daltrey, Status Quo, Chris DeBurgh, Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Chris Blackwell, Freddie Flintoff, Zendaya, Paddy McGuinness, Chris Harris and The Who to name just a few.


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